Senior Master Trainer / Program Designer / Mentor / Chief Examiner

Shirley is an experienced sports and exercise science presenter and facilitator, well known and highly regarded throughout Asia.

She has 30 years experience in Aerobic & Group Exercise teaching, 18 years in Personal Training and 22 years in lecturing on sports and fitness courses.

She presents workshops for the Health & Corporate Wellness Programs of the Ministry Medical Group, Singapore. She has lectured for the Singapore Sports Council and the Beijing Sport University, and conducted fitness workshops in Singapore and major centers in Malaysia and China.

Shirley develops, conducts and evaluates health and fitness related training programs, including Chronic Disease Prevention & Exercise, Solution to Neck & Backache, Workplace Health, and Applying Sports Psychology to Health Promotion. (For a full list of courses please see our Courses page.)


  • Exercise Leader
  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Trainer of Special Populations
  • POUND® PRO Trainer
  • FLEXI-BAR Master Trainer
  • Purmotion Functional Training
  • Sanctband – Advanced Program for Rehabilitation and Fitness
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Myofascial Therapy

Competition Awards:

1992 – Reebok National Sport Aerobic Championship, Individual Woman, 4th.

1993 – Nike National Sport Aerobic Championship, Mixed Pair, Bronze.

1994 – Nike National Sport Aerobic Championship, Mixed Pair, Gold.

1994 – Nike National Sport Aerobic Championship, Individual Woman, Gold.

1994 – USA Sport Aerobic Championship, World Class Top Competitor Award.

1998 – SBBF National Ms. Fitness, Gold

1999 – SBBF National Ms. Fitness, Gold

1999 – ABBF Asia Ms. Fitness, Silver

2000 – Asia Fitness, Woman, Bronze

2005 – Malaysia National Sport Aerobic Championship, Group, Bronze.


Mr. Solomon Chua

Psychology Trainer

Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner

An internationally sought-after Psychology Trainer and highly-regarded Mental Wellness Coach, Solomon is an exciting and engaging trainer of countless workshops and seminars both in his home country of Singapore and abroad.

He has worked with more than 50 organizations (e.g. government, sports, secondary schools, businesses etc.) and thousands of individuals covering topics such as sport performance coaching, mental wellness, youth fitness, workplace mental health and consumer psychology.

Solomon has been involved in the development and execution of many youth workshops utilizing a hands-on experiential learning style that imparts knowledge whilst providing participants with real-world applications. Some of the key areas that he has focused on include understanding the psychology of children, inculcating emotional management, and developing effective communication skills between adults and children.

Solomon plays an active role in educational psychology, and has worked with several leading schools in Singapore and has impacted hundreds of students with his positive energy and down-to-earth personality. He continues to strive forward to bring greater awareness and appreciation of this exciting new frontier of education and pedagogy.













Sarah Wu


2006年至2008年 私人教练 南宁

2008年至2009年 私人教练兼投资人 Sarah健身工作室

2009年至2012年 私人教练兼课程设计 Guangzhou

2012年至2014年教练部总监兼合伙人   南宁

2014年至2017年 投资人兼负责人      S Training place


学习舞蹈专业最终却以健身教练这一职业步入社会,细致的服务于对专业的严谨态度让Sarah在课程销售上一直顺利到达预设目标,成交率出勤率续单率都稳定上升。2012年回到南宁应邀与朋友合伙创办自建健身品牌,通过《3F投资人研修班》的系统学习,对健身投资与管理有了系统的了解,在团队组建、员工管理与培训、店面各部门有效合作都有章可循。品牌在第一家店经营10个月后已开分店(现已7家)仍稳步成长。2014年底创办了S Training Place也是全权参与市场营销策划与课程销售方案与流程设计。单价、成交率、续单率都高出同比,专业与细致的服务赢得高消费群体认同的好口碑。





Master Trainer

Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences

Elaine has been a fitness industry professional for over 15 years. She has experience in the day-to-day running of fitness studios, exercise programming, functional & performance training and pre/post natal exercise.

She is qualified as a Group Fitness Leader, Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, Pilates Matwork Instructor and is certified in the Les Mills suite of programs.

Elaine specializes in HIIT, Strength & Conditioning for weight lost and rehabilitation, Active Ageing for Senior Citizens & Exercise for Kids programs. And regularly incorporates Kettlebell lifts, Rebounding and Muay Thai padwork in her workouts programmes.


  • CrossFit Level I & 2
  • Kettlebell Lifts Level II
  • Bodypump & Bodycombat International (Les Mills)
  • Pilates Matwork Level 1,2 &3
  • Fitness Leader & Personal Trainer
  • Muay Thai Hand & Foot Padwork





Master Trainer

Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Sun has over 20 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry. As a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer she has conducted personal training and group classes and managed class programs for gyms and fitness clubs.

She is both Polestar Pilates and Pilates Method Alliance certified for matwork, reformer and the complete range of Pilates studio equipment. Sun applies her deep understanding of Pilates to injury prevention / rehabilitation, sports performance and pre/post natal exercise. She designs in-house instructor training for Pilates studios.

Sun is also certified in the “Les Mills” suite of programs, Rebounding, Kettlebells and most recently Pound, so she is guaranteed to give you an energetic, effective and fun workout.

Sun was the Master Choreographer for Singapore’s national healthy lifestyle campaign. “Great Singapore Workout”


  • POUND® PRO Trainer
  • Kettlebells
  • Jumping Fitness
  • Sports & Exercise Science
  • Aerobic Instructor
  • The Mental Toughness Research Institute

Competition Awards

  • Miss Fitness Asia Pacific Championship 2004 (Singapore) 2nd Runner Up
  • Miss Body Fitness Championship (Singapore) 4th Runner Up, 2nd National



Director: Health & Fitness Training Network Pte. Ltd.

Master Trainer

Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science

Diploma in Adult Continuing Education

Christina has over 20 years experience of exercise, fitness and sports coaching. She is a multi-sports coach with extensive experience of working with special populations, sports specific conditioning and post-rehab fitness.

As a qualified Pilates Instructor she is very familiar with sport / lifestyle related injuries and their treatment, as well as workplace skeletomuscular disorders and their treatment.


  • Swim Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • STOTTS Pilates Instructor.