Health &Fitness Training Network Pte. Ltd. has recently brought together a group of experienced fitness industry professionals to collaborate as members of the HFT Network.

This highly qualified team aims to provide a range of top quality instructor certifications, targeted workshops and continuing education courses in Singapore and the region, tailored to meet the requirements of the client.

HFT Network is strategically placed in Singapore to access recent research and innovations in training methodologies and equipment from Europe and the USA and to introduce them to Asia. And likewise, to bring ideas on exercise and fitness from Asia to the West.

HFT Network also runs specialist workshops, mental wellness seminars and diet / nutrition sessions by invited guests, national athletes and industry specialists to further assist clients in achieving their desired results.

HFT Network provides bespoke instructor training courses on a range of fitness industry related topics. The syllabuses and programs are devised in close consultation with our clients and targeted to their specific requirements, taking into account current pedagogy methodologies, recent exercise research and latest innovations.