Course Schedule 2018


April 19-23 Children and Youth Fitness Course(Shenzhen)

May 7-11 Children and Youth Fitness Course(Beijing)

May 24-27 Pre and Post-Natal Course(Guangzhou)

June 19-21  Children and Youth Aqua Fitness Course(Beijing)

June 23-26 Children and Youth Club Business Management(Beijing)

July 25-29 Children and Youth Fitness Course (Chengdu)

Sept 1, 2, 8,9, 15 Children and Youth Fitness Course (Singapore)

Sept 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, Oct 6 Personal Trainer Enhancement Course (Singapore)

Nov 9 – 13 Children and Youth Fitness Course (Chengdu)

Nov 15 – 18 Pre and Post-Natal Course (Chengdu)

Dec 1 – 3 Children and Youth Fitness Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Coaching Workshop(Beijing)


Course Schedule 2017

April 1-5 Children and Youth Fitness Course(Zhengzhou)

June 12-16  Children and Youth Fitness Course(Xiamen)

June 21-25  Children and Youth Fitness Course(Chongqing)

July 15-19 Children and Youth Fitness Course(Wuhan)

August 4-8 Children and Youth Fitness Course(Guangzhou)

August 21-25 Children and Youth Fitness Course(Beijing)

August 26-29 Pre and Post-Natal Course(Beijing)

August 30-Sept 2   ***CANCELLED***Children & Youth Fitness Club Management Course(Beijing)

October 3-7 ***CANCELLED*** Children and Youth Fitness Course(Shanghai)

December 9 Mini Workshop: Exercise and Rehabilitation Trends for 2018(Guangzhou)

December 10-12 Children Fitness Fundamental Movement Skills(FMS) Coaching Workshop(Guangzhou)

December 18-22  Children and Youth Fitness Course(Beijing)